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The organizers of the St. Petersburg International Film Festival 2020 wished Andrey Belyaninov pleasant surprises

14.07.2020 40 просмотров

On behalf of the Directorate of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum (SPbIFF), Andrei Belyaninov was congratulated by the director of the SPbICF, Egor Moskvin.

“Your colossal professional experience, wisdom and dedication to your work allow you to successfully solve the most complex issues and make the right decisions, and your experience as a person with strong convictions and ability to work with people deservedly earned you credibility and recognition in society. Let each new day bring you only pleasant surprises, energize and give you a great mood. Inspiration, success in all your affairs and undertakings, happiness, harmony and achievement of all your goals!” - wrote Yegor Moskvin.

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