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The media mentor of "Children of Eurasia" became a volunteer

14.04.2020 39 просмотров

Ebrima Mbenga (Gambia), media mentor of the Children of Eurasia project, became a volunteer during self-isolation.

He helps the elderly who cannot go to the store and pharmacy. He has been living in Russia for four years and loves the Russian people very much. That is why he has a great desire to help those in need. Now, when it is dangerous for people over 65 to leave their homes due to the risk of contracting coronavirus, it is young people who can help buy food and medicine. Among them is Ebrima. In order to do good deeds, he has documents. Masks and gloves help to move safely around the city. Of course, people are very surprised when they see an unusual volunteer, but every time they thank him for his good deeds. By the way, four cases of coronavirus have also been recorded in the Gambia. Therefore, Ebrima Mbenga believes that this is a great common misfortune that can only be overcome by helping each other.

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