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The development of the Eurasian business platform was discussed at the Embassy of Serbia

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“In Russia, we are accepted as one of our own,” this is what Serbian businessmen working in our country say. There is a free trade agreement between the two countries. However, even taking into account such factors, the potential of interaction between Russia and Serbia is far from being fully used.

Business cooperation and the development of the Eurasian business platform were discussed at the Embassy of Serbia. Head of the diplomatic mission Slavenko Terzic and Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Andrei Belyaninov held a meeting with Serbian businessmen. 

interactions between our countries and between our businesses. We just reminded each other that Serbia has been working in the format of a free trade zone with Russia for more than 25 years. And so far, the results are not very tangible. 
Vietnam, which was only recently included in this format, is working very lively and has shown very good economic indicators - probably, it has begun to earn good money. Our colleagues from Serbia need to be more active,” said Andrey Belyaninov.

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The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly can become a convenient platform for all participants for business communications between Russia and Serbia, Serbia and the EAEU countries. In an interview with our TV channel, Andrey Belyaninov noted that the development of integration processes could be facilitated by the simplification of the migration regime between Russia and Serbia. And besides, children from the Eastern European republic could come to rest in Orlyonok or Artek. For its part, Serbia seeks to expand cooperation not only with Russia, but also to participate in the processes of Eurasian integration.

“We are having very good negotiations with the Eurasian Economic Union now. It seems to me that Serbia is interested, especially in economic cooperation, and this agreement with the EAEU based on the agreement with Russia will be very interesting. We are interested in this large market,” Serbian Ambassador to Russia Slavenko Terzic said in an interview with the Big Asia TV channel.

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Alexander Lebedev, general director of the TV channel and website Big Asia, spoke at the meeting. He noted that there is no media platform that would tell about the processes of Eurasian integration and the participation of the Republic of Serbia in them.

“I propose to create the first program: “Serbia. Eurasian Integration". Here you definitely have a lot of projects. And you work with China more widely than Russia. But there are no platforms where you could show and tell, through which you create additional communications. I propose to take the first step, let's start with this,” suggested Alexander Lebedev.

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Media resource "Greater Asia" is not only a mass medium, but also a communication tool in the b2b and b2g segments. The TV channel and website tell about different aspects of life in Eurasia - from Singapore to London, from Anadyr to Gibraltar. Serbia can become one of the main characters in the large-scale narrative of our resource about the processes of Eurasian integration.

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