Opening Asia for Russia

The Assembly will give Eurasia a theater without borders

27.03.2020 108 просмотров

Today, March 27, the whole world celebrates Theatre Day.

The motto of this international holiday reads: the theater is a means of mutual understanding and strengthening of peace between peoples.

The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, as part of its mission to expand cooperation, strengthen dialogue and communication between peoples, provides all-round support to theater projects. Council for International Cultural Cooperation has been established and operates as part of the Assembly. One of the main tasks of the Council is to expand the space for cultural cooperation on the Eurasian continent.

Chairman of the Council for International Cultural Cooperation Elmira Shcherbakova is the producer of the Theatrical Russia project. This project was based on the idea to acquaint the public of Russian cities with the best theatrical productions in Moscow and St. Petersburg in live broadcast and recording. The project has proven itself well in Russia, so it was decided to expand its geography. "Theatrical Eurasia" (as the project will be called with the support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly) will unite the theaters of our continent, "sowing reasonable, kind, eternal."

"Our project was created for people who want to keep abreast of new theatrical stories . He chooses performances where famous artists play, also because the audience will discover idols from a new side. Brilliant actors in the theater are completely different. In my opinion, deeper, more interesting. You will discover new actors, new theaters,” said Elmira Shcherbakova.

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