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The Assembly hosted a round table on new models of the labor market in Eurasia

31.03.2021 52 просмотров

A round table in the online format "New models of the labor market", dedicated to discussing the current situation and the future for young professionals - graduates of secondary specialized and higher educational institutions, was held on Thursday, March 25, in the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.

It was organized by the Department for Youth Cooperation of the Assembly, inviting representatives of organizations and universities from Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan and African countries, potential employers, as well as representatives of international profile structures such as the ILO - the International Labor Organization (International Labor Organization, ILO).

The discussion was moderated by Professor Yulia Petrova, Deputy Head of the General Secretariat for International Cooperation.

Welcoming the participants, Secretary General Andrey Belyaninov noted the high relevance of the topic of transformation of the labor market and the issue of employment of young professionals and stressed that today's meeting of experts is the first in a series of business events on this topic.

The work of the round table was held online, in live broadcast mode. After the main part of the meeting, the experts continued to work in sections.

Program and Speakers of the Round Table "New Models of the Labor Market" (PDF)

The work of the round table continued two and a half hours, following its results, the organizers expressed their gratitude to all the speakers for the work done and the valuable experience and knowledge that they shared with the participants and spectators. The live broadcast is available at 298925291627955

Ms. Kanae Tada, International Labor Organization (UNILO) CIS Youth Employment Partnership project coordinator in noted in her presentation that a successful youth employment policy should be developed at three levels - at the macro level, at the meso level and at the micro level.

Larisa Efremova, RUDN Vice-Rector for International Affairs, in turn, shed light on the problem of employment of foreign citizens - graduates of Russian universities, and shared RUDN University experience in creating the International Association of Employers.

Ms. Shraddha Agarwal, Manager of International Activities and Partnerships, Indian International Foundation for Skills and Youth Education, outlined the main features of the Indian labor market and the opportunities available through targeted youth programs of the Government of India.

Gaini Mukhanova, Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations of the Kazakh Academy of Labor and Social Relations, touched upon the topic of the peculiarities of the labor market of Kazakhstan, the most popular among youth areas of activity and professions most in demand by employers. In addition, during her speech, she spoke about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the Kazakhstani labor market and the current wage situation in the country.

Suzanna Mkrtchan, Vice-President of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, presented the results of a study conducted by the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs about the benefits of business education in the context of digitalization and a sharp increase in demand for online services.

Mr. Yang Fei, head of UWEE - Union of Western and Eastern Education, highlighted the problem of employment of foreign students and graduates in the labor market of China. Experience in creating the Coordinating Council of University Employers at the Belgorod State Technological University, which acts as a tool for solving problems in the field of graduate employment.

Olga Klink, head of the basic training center of the ANO National Agency for the Development of Qualifications, in her speech spoke about the National Qualifications System, noting its advantages as a navigator helping young professionals find worthy positions in the labor market.

Vladlen Nebeigolova, member of the Coordinating Council of the Youth Assembly of Eurasian Peoples and member of the Chamber of Young Legislators under the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, initiated the organization of sectoral training students, within the framework of which quota places would be provided with a guarantee of internship and subsequent employment.

Anastasia Fominova, Deputy Chairman of the youth wing of the Assembly of Peoples of Kyrgyzstan, covering the problems of employment and education in Kyrgyzstan, also presented an initiative to organize short-term courses for young people who do not have the opportunity to receive a full-fledged specialized education.

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