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Svetlana Smirnova: The path to peace lies through spiritual harmony

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On October 18, Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) hosted an international conference on the theme: “Spiritual harmony is the basis of peace”, timed to coincide with the Day of Spiritual Harmony and the 10th anniversary of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.

On behalf of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, the Conference participants were greeted by the First Deputy Secretary General - Head of the General Secretariat Svetlana Smirnova.

In the greeting, in particular, it was noted:

- Thank you for the opportunity to communicate among like-minded people who share and promote the ideas and values of Eurasian integration, protection of peace, strengthening friendship, harmony, partnership and good neighborliness among peoples.

It fell to us to live and work in a difficult time, which is characterized by the growth of global instability. Today, the problem of maintaining peace and harmony between peoples, people of different faiths and confessions, different social groups and nationalities is acutely manifested in many parts of the world. Even for a short period of time, it is not possible to ensure sustainable peace. The number and scale of armed interstate conflicts have reached an unprecedented level since the Second World War. The number of victims and the degree of sophistication of the means of destruction used are growing. The unreasonable actions of Homo sapiens are exacerbated by the planetary quarantine and ecological catastrophe, which have the same unreasonableness and lack of spirituality at the source.

It is obvious that the modern human world is losing not only its spiritual guidelines for life, but also the ability of sustainable civilizational development, which is the key to a peaceful future for humanity and the planet itself. Therefore, at the present stage, the issue of transition to a strategy of multipolar coexistence of peoples, based on common basic values of life - on spiritual culture, is acute.

Great Abay, whose 175th anniversary this year was celebrated by humanity, said: “Man is a friend to man. Because everything in life - birth, upbringing, the feeling of satiety, hunger, sadness, grief, the shape of the human body, the way you come into the world and the way you leave it - everything is the same for everyone. So is the equally natural desire of all people for peace, harmony and justice.

Following the precepts of the genius of the Kazakh land, for almost 30 years Kazakhstan has been demonstrating in action loyalty to the ideals of peace and harmony. In 1992, at the initiative of the International Association "Peace through Culture" and with the support of the First President of Kazakhstan, Nursultag Nazarbayev, the first Congress of Spiritual Harmony was held in Alma-Ata. Its participants - prominent religious and public figures from Austria, Great Britain, Germany, India, Italy, Russia, the USA, Switzerland and other countries - proposed to approve October 18 as a day of mercy, establishing mutual understanding and reconciliation between people. And since then, the Day of Spiritual Harmony has been annually celebrated on Kazakhstani soil as a national holiday, demonstrating to the whole world the practical commitment to the chosen priorities.

It is no coincidence that the opening of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture took place in Astana in 2010 on the Day of Spiritual Harmony, which has been accumulating the creative energy of the world for 10 years now. The forum has become a real step towards the development of the process of spiritual healing of mankind. More than 500 delegates from 72 countries of the world then arrived in the capital of Kazakhstan, they launched a qualitatively new, permanent body of the world community, designed to assert the primacy of spirituality over all other values of human civilization.

True spirituality does not consist in sophisticated sophistication, not in detachment from everyday worries, not in the careful performance of religious rituals, but in real inner transformation and improvement of human nature. It is achieved only by steadfast adherence to simple eternal moral requirements: intense and selfless work for the benefit of your loved ones, the country and the whole world; openness and readiness for mutual understanding, moral sensitivity, the ability to recognize the boundary between good and evil. In all ages, this has been the surest way to what is called self-improvement.

Supporting the ideas of the Forum, and today many people from different parts of the world, despite the difference in languages, beliefs, their status and social position, speak and think about it, affirming the true spiritual values of life with real practical deeds.

Ten years ago, at the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, the seeds of new social relations were laid, based on the commonwealth of the peoples of the planet on the principles of truth, goodness, beauty and harmony. The culture of interpersonal relations, which represents the spiritual harmony of the peoples of the world, their mutual respect and good neighborliness, is gradually growing into specific forms and mechanisms.

One of these new practical platforms was the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, in the establishment of which representatives of Kazakhstan, well-known public figures of the country, members of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, also took part. We are united by common projects and plans. The experience of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly shows that the ideas and values of Eurasian integration, laid down by Nursultan Nazarbayev at the end of the 20th century, are now actively supported in the countries of Greater Eurasia, and contribute to strengthening the spiritual community of peoples in the Eurasian space. In its practical activities, our young organization strives to accumulate and creatively use the rich experience of Kazakhstan, in particular, the experience of affirming and preserving spiritual traditions.

Thus, the first council created within the framework of the Assembly was The Council on spiritual culture. The second extended meeting of the Presidium of the General Council of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly was held in Astana, as part of the events dedicated to the Day of Spiritual Harmony. Cooperation agreements were signed  with the International Association "Peace through Culture" and Association of Entrepreneurs of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.

Today there is an active search for the most constructive forms and ways of development. Eurasia in this sense is a kind of experimental platform where, thanks to the geopolitical structure, with good will, peoples and countries have the opportunity to cooperate in a new way: friendly, sincere and open.

The World Forum of Spiritual Culture in 2010, in the organization of which the current members of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Tolegen Mukhamedzhanovich Mukhamedzhanov, Yuri Andreeviya Ageshin, Irina Stepanovna and Svetozar Pavlovich Darnevs, Olzhas Omarovich Suleimenov, Larisa Alexandrovna Trunina, Wilhelm Augustat invested a lot of effort , Mary Fisher and many other colleagues, determined one of the main strategic lines of the Assembly - the unity of the peoples of Eurasia on the basis of cultural and spiritual values.

Today, the priority of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly is peacekeeping, switching the vector of attention from interethnic strife and hostile relations to the assertion of universal human values that orient people towards the implementation of peaceful initiatives. We are required to make every effort to establish harmonious relationships in all areas of life. The path of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly is the path of peace. And spiritual culture is certainly capable of bringing people to commonwealth and unity, and the world to a stable balance.

In one of the main documents of the Assembly – Declaration of the Assembly of Nations Eurasia  – the main mission of the organization is spelled out: the formation of the consciousness of a Man of the third millennium, who creates and affirms the co-creation of peoples in the name of peace and prosperity. Namely peoples, since folk traditions keep unshakable spiritual values common to all mankind.

Ahead is a great and intense joint work - the unification of all forces striving for friendship, cooperation and good neighborliness. May it bring good and useful fruits!

On the Day of Spiritual Harmony, we wish all participants of today's meeting health, creative inspiration, success in social activities in the name of peace and spiritual harmony on the planet!

We are sure that over time this holiday of the commonwealth of peoples, an example of which is Kazakhstan, will be celebrated all over the world.

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