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Serge Fokas (Benin): Together we create peace among peoples

23.09.2020 97 просмотров

The President of the Foundation "Center for Business Development and Cooperation with Russia" Serge Fokas (West Africa, the Republic of Benin) spoke about the contribution of the countries of West Africa to the common cause of peace at the online action of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly in honor of the International Day of Peace.

“I believe that organizations like us and graduates of Soviet and Russian universities should be tools for developing relations between peoples. Together we create peace between peoples,” said Serge Fokas.

The Center for Business Development and Cooperation with Russia in Benin has been operating since 2019. Today, the center's employees are citizens of Benin, Nigeria, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The main goal of the center is to promote the establishment of cooperation between Russia and Africa. This year, the center organized Russian language courses for those wishing to receive higher education in Russia and other countries of Eurasia. The center plans to open representative offices in other African countries. A representative office in Togo (West Africa) has already begun its work.

Taking this opportunity, Serge Fokas, President of the Center for Business Development and Cooperation with Russia Foundation, addressed representatives of Rossotrudnichestvo: “We are open for dialogue and will be happy to become your representatives in West Africa in order to jointly develop friendly, partnership relations between our countries for the common good.

Recall that the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly annually holds events in honor of the International Day of Peace, approved by the UN General Assembly. This year, in the context of the pandemic, the action was held online.


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