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Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Andrey Belyaninov sent a greeting to the participants of the children's camp "Biplik"

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The international event is held in the south of the Almaty region under the auspices of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan. Young people from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan take part in the youth camp. 

“We welcome the willingness of young people to take responsibility for the future, an active desire for good deeds and transformations,” Andrey Belyaninov noted in his welcoming speech. –  It is you, young people, who have been given a huge opportunity to build your future right now. Universal values, knowledge and gradually accumulated experience of communication and mutual understanding will become steps towards a conflict-free coexistence of peoples. This path is not easy and not fast, but the only true one is the path for the sake of peace on the planet.”

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young activists and youth organizations of various  countries to strengthen national unity and international cooperation, to build a new world without wars and violence, to preserve and develop norms and values of human life that are understandable and close to all” are an important goal of the youth forum. 

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“Interesting discussions and a constructive exchange of views within the framework of the work of the youth camp will serve to strengthen public harmony, make a significant contribution to the development of international dialogue and the promotion of peaceful initiatives initiative in relations between the countries of Eurasia,” he added.  

“I wish all the participants of the International Youth Camp success in achieving their goals!” Andrey Belyaninov ended his address with this parting word. 

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