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Non-profit organizations of the Caspian countries discussed cultural and humanitarian cooperation

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On April 16 and 17, Astrakhan hosted two major events for non-profit organizations of the Caspian countries at once - the international round table "Perspective Map of Public Projects of the Caspian Region - 2025" (on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Center for International and Socio-Political Studies "Caspian-Eurasia") and media training for managers and leaders of the NGO "Projects of public diplomacy in the social media of the countries of the Caspian region".

The organizers of the meetings, which took place at the site of the Astrakhan State Technical University, were the Center for International Studies "Caspian-Eurasia", the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan) and the Political Science Center "North-South" (Moscow, Russia) under with the support of the International Relations Agency of the Astrakhan Region.

The high level of events was confirmed by the presence of guests of honor at the grand opening  - representatives of the Administration of the Governor of the Astrakhan Region, consular offices accredited in Astrakhan, experts from Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

As the head of the Administration of the Governor of the Astrakhan Region Pavel PAUTOV noted, the topic of Caspian cooperation is a priority for the region:
< br> “Obviously, we are a geostrategic region of great importance for Russia in the Caspian macro-region. Caspian cooperation is the most serious and fundamental basis for the development of the Astrakhan region, its economy and  cultural ties. The non-state sector, public diplomacy is a huge layer that takes place in terms of cultural and educational exchange and which we would like to bring to a new level.”

International Relations Agencies of the Astrakhan Region Vladimir GOLOVKOV:

“Five years is not a long time, but a lot has been done during this time, a huge amount of work has been done, which was carried out by the employees of the Caspian-Eurasia Center. We have implemented many activities together. The Center became our partner in organizing the work of the Caspian Media Forum, we held events for patriotic education. But there are specific people behind this work. I want to express my gratitude to the entire team of the Caspian-Eurasia Center and personally to Ksenia Aleksandrovna Tyurenkova. You are a true professional and give yourself completely to your work.”

Consul of Turkmenistan in Astrakhan Guych GARAYEV congratulated the Caspian-Eurasia Center on its anniversary. According to him,   partnership  in the Caspian region is based on modern views and is intended to lay the foundation for a solid future work:

“The Caspian region is a large natural source of hydrocarbon resources, transport interchanges, international and tourism activities. New formats of international cooperation are emerging today. I express confidence in the preservation and enhancement of our interaction.”

The words of the colleague were supported by the Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astrakhan Tauboldy UMBETBAYEV:

“Today's conference is an important event for the economic and cultural relations of the Caspian countries. We all need the exchange of valuable experience. Special thanks to the organizers of the round table - the Center "Caspian-Eurasia" and the Political Science Center "North-South". This discussion platform is a truly global contribution to the development of the region. Congratulations to the entire team of the Caspian-Eurasia Center on the fifth anniversary!”

In addition to being in the conference hall, many representatives of NGOs from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan were connected to the event via online broadcast. Thus, the President of the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan, Banu NURGAZIEVA, addressed her colleagues.

“I think that we will see the result of the Caspian cooperation. I am very glad that today representatives of civil society can make their contribution to this”, - & nbsp; said a representative of one of the largest NGOs in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Also, within the framework of the opening of the round table, cooperation agreements were signed between the Caspian-Eurasia Center and the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, which was presented by the head of the General Secretariat & nbsp;  Svetlana SMIRNOV:

“Today we are working in the large Eurasian space, we were at the first Caspian Economic Forum. I take the opportunity, I thank the consul of Turkmenistan for the opportunity of this work. This is what gave us impetus for cooperation with the countries of the Caspian region. In 2019, we held the Days of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly in Azerbaijan. We are actively working with different countries, we will be glad to cooperate with all of you.”

Further, within the framework of the round table, representatives of NGOs from Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan discussed the agenda of cultural and humanitarian cooperation for the coming years, as well as the role of non-profit organizations in formation of international projects in the Caspian.

“The Caspian is becoming more and more of strategic importance. The attention of world powers has been drawn to this region, important transnational projects of a geopolitical and geo-economic nature are accumulating here. New opportunities are opening up here, so it is important to adapt to the changes that are currently taking place. I think that some innovative projects will be very important, and we need a promising map of projects in order to build some kind of digital platform for public organizations in various areas,” suggested media expert, Deputy Director General of the Trend International News Agency Gulnara MAMEDZADE.
< br> Experts and representatives of the civil sector agreed on the idea  creating a common database of contacts and projects for  cooperation and exchange of experience in the Caspian region. 

Next, the participants were expected to have two interactive trainings: a consultation platform with a lawyer and a representative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in Astrakhan Alexander SOLOVYOV, within which the participants discussed such a concept as a "foreign agent" and figured out the nuances of legal registration and reporting, as well as an educational seminar from an expert in social design, chairman of the council for the development of competencies and educational technologies of the ESSI Association Olga ARMANSKAYA. She spoke in detail about the stages of creation and work of social projects.

The second day of work was held under the auspices of media communication.  With your knowledge and experience  Marina LINKO, Head of Mix marketing agency, Gulnara MAMEDZADE, Deputy General Director of Trend International News Agency, Alexander REVSKY, Executive Director of IMARS PR agency and blogger and TV presenter of the Astrakhan 24 TV channel Roman KOLYMAZHNOV.

Based on the results of the events, the organizers will draw up a cross-section of opinions and proposals for further work and send them to all participants in the discussion.

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