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Moscow will host an international student festival “We are Russians. World. The youth. Unity"

18.08.2018 93 просмотров

The course of its preparation was discussed at a meeting of the organizing committee, which had previously taken place at the Moscow State Linguistic University.

The central event of the festival, as the organizers explained, could be a humanitarian hackathon. 

“We are one of the first to hold a humanitarian hackathon. It will be a two-day work of several teams under the guidance of experienced coaches and experts. As a result, we will develop board games for children and adults about the friendship of peoples, national traditions and customs,” said Dina Gromatikopolo, representative of the organizing committee, chairman of the Youth Assembly of the Peoples of Russia “We are Russians”. 

the game will be tested by the developers themselves, then a campaign to raise funding for the project will begin. However, in any case - as emphasized by the organizing committee - the developers of the game will be able to retain copyright. 

The declared purpose of the event is to expand the ties of students from different countries, both near and far abroad. 

Festival “We are Russians. World. The youth. Unity” will be held with the support of the Youth Assembly of the Peoples of Russia, the Government of Moscow and the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly. 
The event will begin on September 7 at Ostozhenka, in the MSLU building. 

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