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Maria Zakharova spoke about the project of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly at the III Eurasian Women's Forum

22.10.2021 151 просмотров

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, spoke about the project "Weddings of the Peoples of the World: World Cultural Heritage", implemented with the support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, at the III Eurasian Women's Forum:

- We are guests of the Eurasian Women's Forum. So much is said here about women, about traditional values that are largely preserved thanks to them. For most women, nothing is more important than family, marriage, raising children, and continuing traditions. In this regard, I would like to tell you about one Russian project, which, in my opinion, corresponds to the spirit and the very topics that are heard today at the forum.

In our country there is such a project  ̶ "Weddings of the peoples of the world: cultural heritage". When I first received a letter from the person who came up with this project, it made me smile, I wanted to get to know him, because this is a really interesting, relevant, entertaining topic. It is at the crossroads: it is tradition, it is both historiography, and cultural studies, and intercultural, including interreligious ties, exchange between countries, peoples on a historical, ethnographic theme.

Who is this man? This is the author of this project Dmitry Knyazev. His project is aimed at preserving the unique wedding traditions of the peoples of the world. He started by researching these traditions in our country, and then became interested in these similar or different traditions abroad.

During the six years of the existence of this unique project, expeditions were organized to the most remote corners of our country for filming and reconstruction. Dmitry Knyazev not only shoots artifacts, costumes or museum exhibits, but he also recreates traditional indigenous weddings. Two albums have been published about Udmurt and Nenets weddings with descriptions of their marriage ceremonies in three languages - Russian, English and local. A book about the traditions of creating a family of the Russian people is being prepared for publication. The project is being implemented with the information support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. The Permanent Mission of Russia to the UN in New York was also connected to its coverage, because in many respects these topics have something in common with the agenda of the world organization.

The history of a family, as a rule, begins with the formation of this family, with a wedding, with all the rites. Each nation has its own special traditions and customs associated with it. These are interesting books with unique photographs. Fantastically deep work done. I recommend to get acquainted with this project!


All about the project "Weddings of the peoples of the world: a world cultural heritage"  by reference.

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