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France and Poland will join the International Teleconference on April 24

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Today, April 17, is the Day of Remembrance of the Russian Legion, who died in the First World War near the small village of Kursi in the center of France.

“Due to the quarantine, there were no official events, but local residents, one at a time, came to the memorial in honor of Russian soldiers with flowers from their own gardens and with banners that have survived since then,” Mayor Martin Julie said during a working meeting on the preparation of the International teleconference “Meeting on the Elbe 75” on April 24.

Dariusz Jaworski, Mayor of Witnica (Poland) also took part in the working meeting. He said that today almost all 13,000 residents in Witnica are urgently sewing masks. “By Thursday, it is planned to lift the quarantine, the children will go to school, and from that day on, according to the adopted order, everyone will have to wear masks that protect people from infection with the coronavirus,” Dariusz Jaworski said.

Dariusz Jaworski spoke about that his hometown, despite the fact that it was in 1945 on the way of the Soviet army to Berlin, did not suffer in those years. In Witnitz there is a famous palace, which was once visited by Frederick the Great. In this palace, Marshal Zhukov held meetings before the decisive attack on Berlin. Dariusz Jaworski plans to share with the organizers of the teleconference photos of the palace today and in those memorable days for all Poles. In addition, the burgomaster of Witnica promised to send photos and memories of the participants of the legendary Meeting on the Elbe from the Polish side. conferences. The event was organized on the initiative of international non-governmental organizations and will be timed to coincide with the historic meeting of the armies of the USSR and the United States in Germany and the end of World War II.

memory, opposition to attempts to rehabilitate Nazism, as well as to offer new ideas for saving the planet from wars, climate and other threats. the need for cooperation in the name of peace and creation will be held with the participation of well-known historians and scientists, public and political figures from Russia, the USA, France, Germany, India, China, the former republics of the Soviet Union, and other countries of Eurasia. The event will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube.

Organizers: Eurasia Peoples' Assembly; Russian House "Continent USA"; American University of Moscow; MEPhI International Center for Public Diplomacy.

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