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Former Senior Vice President of the Russian Export Center headed the International Export and Import Center

11.06.2020 50 просмотров

Earlier it became known that the International Export and Import Center became a member of the partner of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly - the Association "Russian House of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation" (RD ISTC).

According to the new head of the International Export and Import Center, the focus will be on supporting Russian exporting companies, including consulting and information.

“We plan to cooperate with foreign companies focused on trade with Russia. I am sure that the work of the ICSER will lead to real results and mutual benefit for all parties of this large-scale project,” said Igor Zhuk. in Moscow. The main task of the ICSER is to promote and provide a full range of services to Russian export-oriented enterprises and foreign businesses.

ICSER will have three divisions: international, regional and development and training. The functioning of each of them requires a clear and detailed understanding of the existing specifics and market conditions. There are only a few high-level specialists who own the whole complex of these competencies. Igor Zhuk, head of the ICER, is one of them.

Let us remind you that the RD ISTC assists Russian companies in entering the world market. In the current situation, when countries are experiencing self-isolation, it is extremely important for Russian high-tech companies, small and medium-sized businesses to maintain ties with foreign partner companies and increase their presence abroad. Demand for some products has seriously weakened, and in some cases this has led to the loss of entire links in the supply chains that have been formed over the years. The price increases knowledge of foreign markets and various aspects of their functioning. The accumulated experience should become publicly available, the Association believes.


Since 1991, Igor Nikolaevich Zhuk has worked in leading positions in insurance companies such as Soglasie and Rosgosstrakh. In August 2011, he was appointed Deputy Head of the Federal Financial Markets Service. In 2013, he became Deputy Head of the Financial Markets Service of the Bank of Russia. In 2014, he headed the insurance market department. He worked in this position until March 2018. Then Igor Zhuk became vice-president of the Russian Export Center, where he led the Unified Export Promotion Network, which included 17 countries, including China, Malaysia, Singapore and Germany.

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