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Extraordinary General Assembly of Eurasian Peoples to meet in Moscow

13.07.2018 98 просмотров

At the meeting, the participants will discuss international relations, public diplomacy, Eurasian integration, as well as cultural and humanitarian cooperation between peoples.

In the Russian capital, the General Assembly will begin its work on July 19 at 12:00 in the building of the Government of Moscow on Novy Arbat, 36. The decision to hold an extraordinary meeting was made by the Secretary General of the organization Andrei Belyaninov, who will sum up the work of the international non-governmental organization since its creation in June 2017.

The meeting participants will discuss the program of activities of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly for the next year, as well as for the period up to 2022, which will be presented by the First Deputy Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Svetlana Smirnova. It is assumed that the names of the new co-chairs of the General Council will be announced, one each from Russia, Europe and Asia, whose term of office is one year. Also on the agenda are new projects in the field of public diplomacy, the media, festivals of cultures of the peoples of Eurasia, photo projects and sports games "Eurasiada". National Secretary of the Indian National Congress, President of the Dalbir Singh Foundation for Politics and Governance (India), Chairman of the Council of the Association of Russian Diplomats Igor Khalevinsky (Russia), and Vice President of the Franco-Russian Dialogue Association Bernard Lozet (France),

A total of at least 360 guests are expected. Representatives of 30 countries will take part in the work, including Palestine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel, China and Vietnam.

Ambassadors of Armenia, Yemen, Afghanistan, representatives of Turkish embassies also responded and Brunei. In addition, the event will be attended by members of the Council of the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia, which is the initiator of the creation of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, representatives of the federal and regional authorities of the Russian Federation, and participants in the Congress of the Peoples of Russia, which will be held in Moscow on July 18-20.

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