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Expedition "Call of the Wild" arrived in Seoul

22.08.2019 60 просмотров

On August 21, its participants attended a dinner with the mayor.

Then they were received by the South Korean cosmetic company Atomy, which is one of the main sponsors of the expedition.


The delegation of the Call of the Ancestors talked with the leader, organizer and ideological inspirer of Atomy, Pak Khan Gil.

On August 18, the participants of the rally were met by the Kore-saram Association in the Republic of Korea represented by Alexander Nogay, Sergey Tsoi and the most caring women of Ansana.


On August 13, the Call of the Ancestors expedition left China. The cars were loaded onto a car transporter, the drivers went to Vladivostok by bus, where the rest of the expedition members, including Sergey Dolya and Kira Altman, were waiting for them.

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It should be noted that the "Call of the Ancestors" exchanged 15 thousand kilometers on August 12 in Harbin.


The day before there were some problems on the Chinese border. Part of the expedition was not allowed to enter China on the Mongolian-Chinese border, so the participants split up. The first half of the group went to Beijing, while the second half got a unique opportunity to admire the views of Mongolia a little more on the way to Buryatia, through which they got to China. We spent the night again on the road in tents.


Recall that the Call of the Ancestors expedition, an outstanding humanitarian project dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the March First Movement, unites seven countries of the Eurasian continent in the cultural, educational, educational fields. The initiators of the project are the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly and the Moscow City Branch of the All-Russian Association of Koreans, a non-profit association of enthusiasts interested in peace on the Korean Peninsula.

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