Opening Asia for Russia

Eurasian students will discuss the history and prospects for the development of relations between the USA and the CIS countries

24.11.2020 85 просмотров

On November 26 at 17:00 (Moscow time) a round table "U.S. Policy in the Post-Soviet Space" will be held online.

The organizers of the event are Youth Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia (MANE), MGIMO CIS Club, MGIMO Anglo-Saxon Club of NSO MGIMO.

Guests of the online meeting will be able to take part in a discussion on the current state, trends and development of US foreign policy in the post-Soviet space and ask questions of interest to invited experts.

As part of a round table with a lecture for

  • Valery Nikolaevich Garbuzov, Director of the Institute for the US and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences;
  • Maxim Anatolyevich Suchkov, Senior Research Fellow, Laboratory for Analysis of International Problems, MGIMO , Ph.D. in Political Science.

To participate in the video conference, you must connect using the link: https:/ /

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