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Eurasian Literary Festival moves to Azerbaijan

30.05.2018 145 просмотров

The III Eurasian Literary Festival took place in Sochi.

Varis Elchiev from Azerbaijan became the best author and winner of the gold medal of the Eurasian Festival by the decision of the jury: “I dedicate my victory to the centenary of the declaration of independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan.”

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According to the rules of the festival, the next Eurasian literary festival will be held in the homeland of the golden laureate. 

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The festival has been held annually since 2016. This is a public initiative and an international educational project that brought together literary festivals in Russia and Eurasia. The organizers are the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, whose General Secretary is the head of the Eurasian Development Bank Andrey Belyaninov, the Russian Peoples' Assembly, the LiFFt Foundation. The jury of the festival includes writers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Abkhazia, Germany, France and Belarus.

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The Eurasian Literary Festival 2018 is a four-day celebration, 170 participants, 27 countries, 50 regions of Russia, a two-day literary forum, 11 literary workshops - from poetry to drama, 8 round tables with the participation of writers, critics, publishers, librarians, journalists and book marketing experts, 13 Russian and 6 Eurasian nominations, 37 Russian and 12 Eurasian silver medalists, 2 main awards - the Gold Medal of the All-Russian Literary Festival and the Gold medal of the Eurasian Literary Festival, unique exhibitions, book fairs, book presentations, literary readings, charity events.

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