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“Do not miss the moment”: the first work entered the Organizing Committee of the photo contest “DISCOVER EURASIA”

30.07.2020 110 просмотров

The first work is presented in the nomination “Tourist routes of Eurasia. The nature of my land.

The author of the photo, a resident of Novosibirsk, a music teacher at the MAOU Gymnasium No. 15 "Commonwealth" Daria Ashpina, spoke about the picture "Do not miss the moment" taken in the Altai Republic: "We were very tired after a long road to the village of Chemal and decided to camp near the shore of the Turquoise Katun. The first thought that came to my mind was the following: "We need to go ashore, relax, think and dream." And that's when I caught this beautiful sunset. He struck me with the richness of colors. The sunset, as it were, enveloped the mountains, and against this background even the river seemed calm.”

launched the International Youth Project - the creative competition "OPEN EURASIA" in July 2020. This year the project is aimed at creating a creative collection of unique photographs, as well as the formation of an international youth asset of the Assembly "Young Photographers of Eurasia". The project contributes to the development of dialogue between representatives of the youth of the continent and cultural figures, and will also become a necessary platform for realizing the creative potential of young talents of Eurasia.

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Title: Don't Miss The Moment. Author: Daria Ashpina.

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