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"Children of Eurasia" will meet the boy who created a series of comics dedicated to the fight against cancer

16.11.2020 44 просмотров

Twelve-year-old Daniel from London unveiled his first comic, The Final, for the first time to support the fight against cancer.

The comic is dedicated to the grandfather of a boy who fell ill with a rare form of thyroid cancer. He built the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, from which the spacecraft was launched that delivered Yuri Gagarin into space. Great achievements always come at a great price... In those days, there were no means of protection against radiation. Daniel's grandfather died three years before he was born.

According to Daniel, there are some similarities between the history of his comics and modern realities. That is why, through his project, Daniel wants to raise funds for specialized charitable organizations to enable children like him to communicate for as long as possible with their loved ones, who were struck by a terrible disease.

Children of Eurasia will meet Daniel online on November 18 at 19:30 (Moscow time). The meeting will be broadcast on the official Facebook page of the Children of Eurasia live in English. Join us!

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