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"Children of Eurasia" visited the most famous grandmothers of the world

06.08.2020 70 просмотров

The small village of Buranovo became famous all over the world after the Eurovision Song Contest, where ordinary grandmothers from the village became real triumphs.

The main goal of the grandmothers was the construction of the temple, which was destroyed in the 30s of the last century. The temple in the village was built by the whole world.

Now the village has become a real mecca for caring and kind people from different countries. The folk museum contains gifts from all over the world that people gave to grandmothers. There are also unique exhibits - clothes, household utensils. Each item keeps a living history.

Simple life lessons from grandmothers have become good instructions for children and their loved ones.

What is fame? Why is it so important to work all the time? Why is it necessary to hug people all over the world? Grandmothers told about this and many other things.

About new songs, new ideas Olga Tuktareva, head of the group of grandmothers, told.

The amazing story that happened to grandmothers has become for many people a story of faith, true love for people.

Alena Selezneva

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