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Children of Eurasia visited Italy online

15.04.2020 121 просмотров

Another creative meeting of the project "Children of Eurasia" was held in Italy. remotely.

Guide Elena Nabel became a guide to the world of art, culture and beauty. She has lived in Tuscany for twenty years.

Children, parents and teachers from different regions tried to define the image of Italy. For some, this is Tchaikovsky's Neapolitan song, for others - pizza and pasta, for others - Ninja Turtles, and for the older generation - Italian stage.

At the meeting, the guys learned interesting facts about the history of Italy and even caught the character traits of Italians. In Italy, people are cordial, kind, open, wish good, help people and love their homeland very much.

Italy is divided into 20 regions, each of them has its own attractions. For example, in fabulous Florence, the red iris is a symbol. But in nature there are no irises of this color. The mayor of the city announced that if there is a person who manages to breed red iris, he will become an honorary citizen of Florence and receive a two-room apartment.

Of course, Italy is worth loving just like that. For her beauty, warmth and courage, which is now very necessary for all the inhabitants of this country.

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