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"Children of Eurasia" met with journalist Yulia Unyaeva (South Korea)

21.05.2020 101 просмотров

"Children of Eurasia" got acquainted with Yulia Unyaeva, the project manager of the Information and Cultural Center KIM ("Korea and Us") and the founder of the family club "Ohana" (Seoul, South Korea).

Twenty years ago, Yulia and her husband left for Seoul to work, and today she has her own online magazine and a family club that helps children from different countries living in Korea remember their roots, unite and be friends.
< br> How do children and adults live in Korea? What is KIM? Why did the little Uzbek boy Bakhtiyor, who was injured in a fire, get help from Korean volunteer doctors? Why discipline helps beat the pandemic? "Children of Eurasia" and Yulia Unyaeva talked about this and many other things at the meeting.

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Zhenya Kuzmina

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