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"Children of Eurasia" meet student interns

18.01.2021 48 просмотров

Students from various universities came to practice in the "Children of Eurasia" project. Each of them came to the children with their own idea.

“It is very important for us that students came to the children,” says Olga Chirkova, head of the Children of Eurasia project. - This is a common work that will allow us to get to know each other better, to unite in difficult times. And the main thing is to understand that only together can we create.”

For example, the future economist John Kenndei Osuji is from Nigeria. The study of economics is the main occupation of the student. But in his spare time he writes poetry. At the meeting, John will tell the guys about his work. The conversation will also be about what friendship is. In a difficult situation that many people have had to face recently, it is especially necessary to help those who need help. By the way, during the pandemic, John, along with his friends, became volunteers and delivered food to the homes of the elderly and the disabled.

But Lusya Portseva, a student at the Higher School of Economics, will share the secrets of professional skills with children. Lusya is a producer of the travel show "2ZhUR. Diary of two journalists", a producer of special projects in "XO LIFE". Together with her colleagues Vova Kapri and Ilya Gordeev, she discovers interesting places in Russia. At a meeting with children, Lucy will talk about how to properly present her ideas.

Karina Paronyan is a future journalist. For the duration of the practice, she will become the editor of the Children of Eurasia website. She is already preparing the most interesting news, interviews for her work.

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