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"Children of Eurasia" have learned to pass any casting

04.08.2020 113 просмотров

How to pass any casting? How to interview Lena Letuchaya? How to interest the viewer, the jury or any person with whom you speak? How can numbers help and why is it even useful to put pressure on pity in some cases?

Vova Kapri and Ilya Gordeev, hosts of the travel show "2ZhUR. Diary of two journalists" spoke about this and more.

August 2 "Children of Eurasia" got acquainted with the "tricks" of the journalistic profession. The organizer and inspirer of the meeting is the director of the travel show “2ZHUR. Diary of two journalists”, a graduate of Zhuraveynik Lusya Portseva.

“The guys are just class! They infected us with positive emotions!”, “Wonderful, interesting, courageous, daring - the way real journalists should be!”, “Thanks to Vova and Ilya, let them come again!” - this is only part of the feedback on the meeting with journalists.

The master class was broadcast on the page of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly on Facebook live.

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