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"Children of Eurasia" congratulate the Korean club "Ohana"

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Ohana is the name of an inclusive children's club that has been operating in Seoul (South Korea) for two years now. The club has long been a good friend of the "Children of Eurasia" project. On November 18, Ohana celebrates its birthday.

Two years is the age when a child is interested in everything. Here is “Ohana” – a place where everyone will find an interesting and useful activity for themselves. The club unites not only children. Families come here, because in Korean “Ohana” means family. Handicraft workshops, fitness for children, mothers and grandmothers, chess and much more. There is something for everyone here.

An important quality taught to children in Ohana is that every person in this world is valuable and everyone needs help. The story of how "Ohana" made friends and helped the Uzbek boy Bakhtiyor, who was badly injured in a fire, is known in many countries. The boy needed numerous operations that were not available in his homeland. Bakhtiyer's family is not rich, ordinary workers. And then Ohana came to the rescue. Together with friends in social networks, a fundraiser was organized, a search for a clinic in Korea was organized. As a result, Bakhtiyer came to Seoul for treatment.

Children from Ohana were among the first to draw an image of the project's mascot "Children of Eurasia" Kitten Evrazii. He turned out to be different: with big eyes and a cunning squint, gray and red, but always very kind.

Ohana's friends live in different countries - in Australia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia. And this means that today the holiday will be celebrated in many homes of Greater Eurasia.

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