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Children drew the talisman of Eurasia

17.03.2020 43 просмотров

More than two hundred works were sent by young artists from different regions to the Our Eurasian contest.

The story of a little ginger kitten, which the children picked up on the street, did not leave anyone indifferent. It was this legend that the guys from Russia came up with when they discussed what the mascot of the "Children of Eurasia" project should be like. It was decided that a kitten would become a talisman, because for many a cat in the house means happiness in the family.

The image of the Eurasian was chosen by the whole world. The most active were children from South Korea, Armenia and Russia. The Eurasians turned out to be different: fabulously magical, with big eyes, different colors and breeds. But the main thing was the same - the drawings turned out to be very kind.

All finalists will receive diplomas and sweet corporate prizes. And now it's up to professional designers. They need to create an image of the Eurasian based on children's drawings, which will become an indispensable attribute of children's events in our Eurasian space.

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