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"Caspian-Eurasia" and the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly signed an agreement

16.04.2021 51 просмотров

On April 16, in Astrakhan, the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations “The Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly” and the Association “Center for International and Socio-Political Studies “Caspian-Eurasia” signed a cooperation agreement.

The document was signed as part of events dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Caspian-Eurasia Center. The agreement was signed by the First Deputy Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Svetlana Smirnova and the Chairman of the Caspian-Eurasia Center Ksenia Tyurenkova.

The parties agreed to cooperate aimed at developing international integration ties, supporting public, state and peace initiatives. In particular, jointly implement socially significant programs, educational projects and cultural and educational events in the field of international cooperation, deepening partnerships between the peoples of different countries and enhancing the role of public diplomacy in ensuring trust and mutual understanding between states.

The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly is an international non-governmental organization aimed at forming a social integration model in the name of establishing peace and harmony through the development of multilateral cooperation and public (people's) diplomacy in the Eurasian space. The Assembly brings together representatives of more than 43 countries. The organization has concluded 117 partnership agreements in the field of culture, entrepreneurship, development of integration ties between the peoples of Eurasia and public diplomacy. Website –

Caspian-Eurasia Center

The Association “Center for International and Socio-Political Studies “Caspian-Eurasia”” operates in close cooperation with partner research centers in Moscow, Saratov, Orenburg and other cities of Russia, contacts with information and analytical centers in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan , Azerbaijan and other post-Soviet countries. The main goals of the Center's activity are the implementation of research activities in various areas of public relations, including in the field of international relations, youth policy, migration and interethnic policy, and the development of proposals and recommendations based on the results of the activities carried out. Website –

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