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Assembly partner announces the creation of industry catalogs

06.08.2020 106 просмотров

The partner of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, the Association "Russian House of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation" (RD ISTC) announces the creation of industry catalogs of export-oriented Russian science-intensive goods.

The new infrastructure project "Russian export catalog of science-intensive goods" is an electronic branch export catalogs of Russian science-intensive goods and technologies. Russian innovative enterprises will be able to contribute their export developments to it free of charge, which have the maximum consumer potential in foreign markets. Thus, information about all Russian export-oriented science-intensive products, their properties, areas of application, compatibility with each other, and the possibilities of practical application will now be collected together and available to international sales agents and end users.

In the near future, a single the catalog will be available on a special Internet resource and the official website of the RD ISTC ( and through official trade channels.

potential of the Russian science-intensive business and support for enterprises in promoting goods for export. We are actively developing specialized infrastructure around the world. In June of this year, we launched a specialized division "International Export and Import Center" -i-importa">ICER), which was headed by Igor Zhuk (former Senior Vice President of the Russian Export Center (REC)). The ICER provides Russian companies with comprehensive services for organizing export-import activities.

The project is aimed at innovative enterprises represented in the Russian SME sector. The catalog, which we are working on, should become a comprehensive database of Russian export-oriented science-intensive products, where the characteristics of the product will be presented in the most accessible way, and an offer for the end buyer will be formed. Working with the catalog will allow Russian companies to significantly increase their export potential, get direct access to international consumers using the infrastructure of RD ISTC and its partners around the world. At the same time, the Russian economy will receive an additional impetus in the form of the development of non-commodity exports.

In addition, access through the Association of numerous foreign investors and businesses to high-tech products presented in the catalog will make it possible to intensify investment cooperation between Russian companies and foreign partners, which will increase the likelihood of creating joint international projects, including joint production and trade projects, - says Dmitry Protasovsky, General Director of RD ISTC.

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