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Alexandra Ochirova: Culture is the meaning-forming sphere of civilization

22.09.2020 118 просмотров

Alexandra Ochirova believes that "for a common agenda, it is enough to understand what unites us."

She stated this in her speech at the online action on the occasion of the Day of Peace.

In particular, Deputy Secretary General, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and poet Alexandra Ochirova noted:

- Among the eternal themes in the times of all civilizations there was the theme of war and peace. Today, more than ever, the solution to these complex issues is to guarantee the security of the development of all peoples, the entire human civilization, and the preservation of its human face. And, probably, today is the time to reflect on all approaches. The eternal questions that overwhelm the consciousness of peoples and every person - the chaos that exists, chaos and the world order, such paired categories as good and evil, security and responsibility, issues and problems of war and peace - are acquiring key importance today. As well as the search for such imperatives that would help shape our common agenda. The agenda is very simple: it is enough to understand what unites us, what common goals can be formulated. This, of course, is the most stable thing that exists in every person, in every civilization - these are our meanings. And culture is the most sense-forming sphere that unites the spaces and times of civilization.

Of course, the world needs not only to understand the stability of economic and environmental factors, but also to return to this agenda the strengthening and development of spiritual, moral and cultural values. This is the most important issue dealt with by UNESCO, the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, and the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly. This is also done by people with anticipatory consciousness - scientists, politicians. Therefore, the most important thing is to find such imperatives that would help create a new formulation of the world agenda. This agenda would be very simple. In order to determine this path, where these goals could be realized. They could probably be realized in a civilization of meaning, in the conditions of moral order and the inherent value of human life.

It was mentioned here that the Assembly regularly celebrates the International Day of Peace and on this day we ring the bells. I want to wish that we all be together and understand each other. So that this ringing of small bells that sound in the hands of very respected people who set standards for many peoples and individuals will turn into the sound of universal bells. This is how I, as a poet, will end my speech.

Ecumenical bell over the world
Raised the good news from the earth
Into the space of pure ether,
That the world is eternal. And we are in it.
That God is with us, that everything is under God,
And the morning shines in the window.
< i> Cast copper alarm
For all life on Earth.
And it will be heard in the Universe
His prayerful mood —
As a sign, both eternal and humble,
And the voice is truly alive.

< p>

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