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African Festival will be held on June 6

20.03.2020 42 просмотров

“African Festival” is the name of a new international project, preparation for which began in Izhevsk. 

large-scale African festival will be held in the capital for the first time. Its main inspiration is Ebrima Mbenga (Gambia), media mentor of the Children of Eurasia project.

The purpose of the festival is to tell about the traditions and customs of African peoples, to introduce new trends in modern musical culture. Students from Senegal, Gambia, Venezuela, Liberia, Cameroon will take part in the festival. The idea of holding such a festival was supported by the Parks of Izhevsk.

Guests of the festival will visit the Jambadon carnival, see the masquerade dances of Zimba, Jamba Kankurang, WulenVulen Kankuran, learn how an African wedding is celebrated. The funniest will try dancing with African drums. The strongest will try their hand at African wrestling. And those who are interested in cooking will watch a video story about African cuisine.

The festival will feature groups of peoples living in Udmurtia. And, of course, the guests of the festival will hear wonderful artists from the African drum show "African Hearts". The festival is scheduled for June 6th. Entrance to the festival will be free.

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