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A cooperation agreement was signed between the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly and the Association for Assistance in Protecting the Rights of Pakistanis

24.03.2022 65 просмотров

On March 22, at the headquarters of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly in Moscow, an agreement on cooperation was signed between the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations "Eurasian Peoples' Assembly" and the Association for Assistance in Protecting the Rights of Pakistanis.

The agreement was signed Andrei Belyaninov, Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly and Malik Shahbaz, Association for Assistance in Protecting Pakistani Rights.

The subject of the agreement is the implementation of interaction aimed at:

  • deepening partnerships between the peoples of different countries;
  • increasing the role of public diplomacy in ensuring trust and mutual understanding between states;
  • development of international relations aimed at supporting public, state, peacekeeping initiatives;
  • joint implementation of socially significant programs, projects and cultural, educational and business events in the field of international cooperation;
  • promotion of multilateral relations in all spheres of public life.

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