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A book about Panfilov's heroes has been signed for publication

19.03.2020 30 просмотров

The book "Panfilov's: our pride, our glory!" talks mainly about the first composition of the Panfilov division.

The creation of the monograph was preceded by a grandiose search, research work of the author - a member of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, a Soviet and Kazakh scientist, public figure, writer, journalist, historian, political scientist, academician of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio, member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan Laila Akhmetova. The first composition of the 316th Rifle Division was 11,347 people. According to the archives for 2017-2019, almost 93.1 percent of the soldiers and commanders who left Alma-Ata for the front in August 1941 were found - 10,565 people. Many data are unique, they supplement and correct the historical information of the Soviet and current periods. For two years (2018-2019), the author of the book posted 145 documents on social networks, received feedback from eyewitnesses, friends and close heroes of those events.

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