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TV channel "Big Asia" (media registration certificate EL No. FS77-75571) and the website (media registration certificate EL No. FS77-76025) is a media platform created with the active participation of the Business Council for Cooperation with India for the development of Russian -Asian political vector as a new state-diplomatic reality.

The work of these new media conceptually coincides with the foreign policy of the country's leadership, which in recent years has been increasingly talking about the need for Russia to turn to the East, to Asia.

Presentation of TV channel "Big Asia" (Russian)

Greater Asia TV channel presentation (English)

Greater Asia TV channel presentation (Chinese)

Audience (Russian)


The editorial policy of the TV channel and the website is focused on the topic
development of Russian-Asian cooperation and contains three directions.

  1. Raising awareness of the audience about history, culture, traditions
    and today in Asia.
  2. Creating sustainable communications between Russia and Asian countries.
  3. Assistance in the promotion of goods and leading brands of Asian countries to the Russian market.


"News" - daily releases that tell about the main events taking place in Asian countries, as well as events with a Russian-Asian vector.

“Country Lines” - television magazines that tell about the history, culture, science, traditions, economy, politics, sports, religion, nature, culinary features and other subtleties of the Asian region. These programs will be produced by the partner countries of the TV channel "Greater Asia".

“Topical Interviews” — conversations with ambassadors of Asian countries working in Russia; prominent political figures developing Russian-Asian cooperation, and leaders of public opinion in Asian countries.

"Film screening" - documentaries and reports about the life of Asian countries.

"Club of Experts" - leading experts, orientalists, scientists, specialists in various fields will explain and supplement (adapt) film and television material from Asian countries to make it more understandable to the Russian audience.

Special Projects — broadcasts of holidays, sports competitions, Russian-Asian events.


Public Council of TV channel "Big Asia"

Cheremin Sergei Evgenievich

Cheryomin Sergey Evgenievich
Chairman of the Public Council of the TV channel "Big Asia", Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations of the City of Moscow

Igor Ishenalievich Abylgaziev
First Vice-Rector of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov

Belyaninov Andrey Yurievich
Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

Vycherov Alexander Alexandrovich
Co-founder of ELiEM PARTNERS LLC (Big Asia TV channel)

Gnatyuk Andrey Klimentievich
President of the holding "Group" IMA "

Ilyin Yuri Sergeevich

Lebedev Alexander Alekseevich
General Director of Big Asia LLC

Lukyantsev Nikolai Fedorovich
CEO of GeoTelecommunications LLC

Maslov Alexey Alexandrovich
Director of ISAA MSU

Matveev Kirill Georgievich
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dentsu Aegis Network Russia, Member of the Board of Directors of Dentsu Aegis Network EMEA Region

Padalko Vladimir Ivanovich
Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Polyakov Yuri Mikhailovich
Chairman of the editorial board of Literaturnaya Gazeta

Punia Vikram Singh
President of Pharmasyntez Company

Slipenchuk Mikhail Viktorovich
CEO of METROPOL Investment Financial Company


Phone: +7 (499) 638 28-30
Address: 129626, Moscow, 1st Rizhsky lane, 2G


Lebedev Alexander Alekseevich

Alexander Alekseevich Lebedev
General Director of Big Asia LLC

Anna Valerievna Salnikova
Deputy General Director for Information Policy

Alexander Mikhailovich Druz
Program Director
Elena Alekseevna Zharinova
Head of Regional Development Service

Greater Asia website media registration certificate
Certificate of registration of the media of the Greater Asia TV channel
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Summary of the results of the special assessment of working conditions

To connect the TV channel "Big Asia" in the network of cable operators, you need to contact the Regional Development Service of the TV channel:
phone: +7 (499) 638-28-30 ext. 102