Sitronics Group's Unique Office (SitrOnics Group)

Today on the program:
- Sitronics Group's Unique Office (SitrOnics Group): how the company improves the efficiency of its employees;
- How drones are used in the city;
- Nano-satellites - a new trend in space technology

Moscow is the city of hockey glory of Russia

Today on the program:
- How the future stars of Moscow, Russian, and World hockey train.
- The Hockey Hall of Fame and the Museum of Hockey Veterans. How the memory of sporting achievements is preserved in the Russian capital.
- Nightly battles of the country's largest hockey league.

The Moscow Government's " City of Discovery" project

Today on the program:
- Discovering Moscow in a new way with the Moscow Government's " City of Discovery" project.
- The House of Culture “GES-2.” How an old power plant has evolved into Moscow's most popular art space.
- Traveling with just a few clicks. How the new digital tourist service RUSSPASS works.

The famous Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Today on the program:
- How acrobats and tightrope walkers train.
- A lethal number: our program host joins some white tigers in a cage!
- And the most spectacular circus performance of the Russian capital!

Capital Ideas Life

2021 season

Moscow firefighters and rescuers

Today on the program:

- Where Moscow firefighters and emergency responders train for their profession
- Where Moscow firefighters and rescuers recover their strength and health
- Who monitors the security of Moscow's frozen reservoirs

Moscow Fire Safety

Today on the program:

- How the Moscow 112 Service works
- Moscow Fire Safety. Who protects the capital's skyscrapers from fire.
- The Fire and Rescue Center training ground. How emergency responders and firefighters are trained in Moscow

Moscow - the capital of the Russian world

Today on the program:

- Moscow--the capital of the Russian world. How the Russian government works with its compatriots living abroad.
- The TV channel and website "Big Asia." An informational resource that brings together compatriots from all over the world.
- The House of Russia Abroad, named in honour of Solzhenitsyn. How the memories of Russian emigrants are preserved in Moscow.

The Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia

Today on the program:

- The Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia
- The products and services of the Sberbank ecosystem
- Its partnership with the Moscow City Government
- Services provided for Russian and foreign businesses

The Sandunovsky Baths

Today on the program:

- The Sandunovsky Baths - the most famous bathhouse in Moscow.
- The difference between a Russian bathhouse and a Finnish sauna
- How a British businessman became a Russian farmer.

"Zavidovo" and "Moscow Country Club"

Today on the program:

- In Moscow, where are foreign guests of the capital are being treated.
- "Zavidovo" - countryside recreation in the Russian tradition.
- "Moscow Country Club" - where golf in Russia began.

The Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology

On today’s program:

- The Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology of the Moscow Department of Health is the leading profile clinic in the Russian capita
- How Moscow fitness clubs help Muscovites always stay in shape
- How to find an up-to-date wardrobe: tips from a specialist

Quality results with us

On today’s program:

- 100 years of the Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps under the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
- Unique historical mansions in the service of the diplomatic corps
- Living and working in Moscow with the help of GlavUpDK: instructions for use.

Go in Russia

Today on the program:

- How and where did Go, the most popular board game in the world, appear?
- When did the Go phenomenon take hold in Russia and how complicated are its rules?
- The World Go Championship in Vladivostok - the first championship that took place outside of South East Asia.

What is Vaccine Tourism  in the Russian capital?

Today on the program:

- Foodmalls, GUM, and shopping malls are the most unusual places in Moscow where you can get vaccinated against coronavirus.
- What is Vaccine Tourism and when will the first vaccination tours be launched in the Russian capital?
- How Moscow clinics are fighting coronavirus infections and what vaccines are available to Muscovites today.

The Exhibition of Economic Achievements, or VDNKh

Today on the program:

- The History of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, or VDNKh.
- We’ll talk of its history, of its creation, as well as the challenges after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
- The modernization of VDNKh and its transformation into a multifunctional area with parks, museums, and modern infrastructure.

Moscow parks

On Today's program:

- The North River Station after restoration: a new center of attraction in the city
- Why the English writer H. G. Wells called Gorky Park "the factory of happy people?"
- Days of Indian, Indonesian, Thai, and Japanese culture in Moscow parks. How does culture help to strengthen economic relations between countries?

Capital Ideas Life

2020 season

Moscow gastronomic

Heading East – why do Muscovites love Asian cuisine?

Smart City technologies in Moscow

In today’s episode:

- Smart City technologies in Moscow.
- What is a Smart City and why do the residents of the Russian capital need it?
- How do technologies and artificial intelligence manage traffic in the city? Which digital services are available to Muscovites today?
- We are going to answer these and other questions about the Smart City in our program.

One day in the life of the Ambassador

One day in the life of the Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to Russia.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Moscow.

In today’s episode:

- The main cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church.
- An amazing 200-year-long story.

Moscow оf Water

In today’s episode:

- Is it safe to drink tap water in Moscow?
- Where does the Muscovites’ tap water come from?
- What connects the Moskva River and the Volga?

The main world faiths that represented in Moscow.

In today’s episode:

- The Church of Holy Martyr Tatiana: not only hosting worship services, but also lectures
- The Moscow Cathedral Mosque: the main place of worship for Muslims in Russia.
- “Little Israel” in the center of Moscow.
- Construction of the first Buddhist temple in the capital.<br>

Moscow medical

In today’s episode:

- Where do foreign patients receive treatment and recover in Moscow?
- The largest Russian network of private clinics MEDSI: new medical technologies and high service level.
- The Moscow International Medical Cluster in Skolkovo – medical care from all over the world in the Russian capital.

Moscow transport

In today’s episode:

- How does public transport help improve Moscow’s ecology?
- Why do Muscovites prefer car sharing to get around the city?
- The M-11 toll highway from Moscow to Saint Petersburg.

How does Moscow’s the power supply system work?

In today’s episode:

- The Moscow power supply system: substations, power lines, underground collectors and combined heat and power plants.
- How and when did electricity appear in Moscow, and how does the city’s power supply system work? Where does electricity come from, and how a light and heat generated simultaneously? You’re going to learn this from our program.

Technopolises and technoparks are growth drivers of the new industrial Moscow.

In today’s episode:

- Technopolises and technoparks are growth drivers of the new industrial Moscow
- Where are protective medical masks made with 3D printers in Moscow?
- What is the key factor contributing to the Russian capital’s investment attractiveness for European companies?

Moscow’s theatres, museums, restaurants and sport during the lockdown.

In today’s episode:

- How Moscow museums and theatres have adapted to the lack of visitors during the lockdown.
- How Moscow restaurateurs are helping doctors combat coronavirus.
- Sports and Argentine tango lessons – online. New ways of staying fit during the pandemic.

Spring of 2020: life in the city during the coronavirus epidemic.

In today’s episode:

- Moscow delivery services: food products, exercise equipment and home decorations – all in half an hour!
- How to become a doctor when universities are closed for the lockdown: a professor of the First Moscow Medical University gives lectures to foreign students from different countries from her country house in the Moscow region.
- Lessons during the epidemic: a schoolgirl from China learns Russian and takes piano lessons online.

Capital Ideas Life

2019 season

Moscow airports and train stations

Today on Capital Ideas Life:

- What surprises does Domodedovo Airport have in stock for its passengers?
- What exactly is the Under One Roof System, and how does it work?
- A few hours in the life of one of Moscow’s most unusual railway stations.

Moscow is a safe city

Today on Capital Ideas Life:

- Do Moscow’s police officers speak English?
- Why do police officers in Moscow parks ride horses?
- Sync Why are bodyguards from Russia the best in the world?

Ecology оf Moscow

Today on Capital Ideas Life:

- What is “green building”?
- What kind of air does Moscow breathe?
- Light bulbs that replace the sunlight.

Moscow tourist

Today on Capital Ideas Life:

Moscow in 360-degree format
- It’s as if we’re soaring over Moscow like two eagles.

An ice cream factory at an altitude of 364 meters
– on this line behind me the can produce almost 500 ice creams an hour

Where in Moscow is the best place to take selfies?
– On social media there are many many photographs of Moscow

Moscow construction

Today on Capital Ideas Life:

Why does the Russian capital need another circle line?
The first benefit is that a million people will be able to use it to travel around the city.

70 meters underground: Who is laying new tracks for Metro trains, and how?
It really is a fascinating and very unique place.

The Moscow underground with a Chinese accent.
We, the Chinese builders, had two dreams: to build roads in the UK and the subway in Moscow.

Moscow festival

Today on Capital Ideas Life:

- One park, two days, and the eight best pyrotechnics teams in the world.
- Cold coffee with hot rhythms: A tropical paradise in the very center of the Russian capital.
- The best day of summer for music lovers. Moscow’s oldest open-air music festival.

Moscow. Entertainments

Today on Capital Ideas Life:

- Island of Dreams: a world-class amusement park soon to open in Moscow
- The Moscow Zoo is 155 years old. What is there to see in one of Europe’s oldest zoos?
- Museum at the Central Children’s Store. Here you will feel like a child again. <br>

Sport in Moscow

Today on Capital Ideas Life:

- Moscow’s running! This year’s main marathon raced ahead in the Russian capital!
When thinking about golf, everybody imagines people cruising along in a cart, smoking cigars and doing nothing.
- How did sporting Moscow smash the stereotypes of international fans?
The expectation – gloomy, sad, grumpy people looking like bears. The reality – sunny, modern, happy Muscovites!

Russia-China: 70 years of friendship

Today on Capital Ideas Life:

Moscow and China mark the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations
- The Festival of China at the VDNKh exhibition center! How Muscovites were becoming familiar with Asia’s local color.
- A grandson of the great Confucius told Muscovites about his ancestor using a brush and paints.

Moscow Embassy

Today on Capital Ideas Life:

- There are more than 150 diplomatic missions and embassies of foreign states in Moscow.
- Diplomats and their families temporarily become Muscovites.
- How do they feel working and living here?


Today on Capital Ideas Life:

- What is a Special Economic Zone in Moscow, and how to become part of it?
- Soaring over the city in a cable car. When will Moscow have an aerial cable car system?
- Dutch investment in Moscow cardboard.

Moscow cultural

Today on Capital Ideas Life:

-What surprises does Domodedovo Airport have in stock for its passengers?

- What exactly is the Under One Roof System, and how does it work?
- A few hours in the life of one of Moscow’s most unusual railway stations.